Bryant Richardson

Championing Customer Engagement

Since childhood, Bryant Richardson has always loved understanding what makes things work and how to make them better. For over 25 years, Bryant has headed teams in executive leadership roles in customer experience management (CEM) as a recognized leader in transforming operations and the use of technology to continually improve the business of customer experience.

The founder & CEO of Real Blue Sky®, Bryant previously held COO, CIO and other executive roles leading customer experience, both insourced and outsourced, for great brands like AEGON, Apple, AT&T, Charter, Citigroup, Dell and many others. Today, Bryant focuses on helping organizations transform their customer operations to drive effectiveness, efficiency and innovation, resulting in marked growth and savings for clients.

Bryant graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington College of Business. He continues to maximize the return on investment – both in people and technology to deliver better results – as he advocates delivering on the promise of blue-sky customer engagement – that is, making blue sky real.

Bryant currently serves on the boards of directors for CareerSolutions and Embrace Waiting Children, nonprofits focused on social services and child welfare, respectively. When not working, you can find him motorcycling the byways of North Texas or cooking up something fresh for friends and family in the kitchen of his Dallas-area home.